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Milling Machine


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The newly developed bright-finish milling machine has been especially designed for trimming of cut edges on acrylic glass or other thermoplastic materials.

Depending on the size of machine that is selected, plates up to 3100 mm in length can be trimmed. Latest technologies have been used in order to prevent machine vibration. The parts to be trimmed (plates, block material, show-cases, etc.) are fixed on to the machine table by means of clamping blocks or vacuum plates which are available upon request. The milling head travels on precision-ground longitudinal guides. The extra-fine balanced milling tool is provided with a poly-crystaline precutter and a natural diamond. The diamonds can easily be replaced and adjusted by the user after a short familliarisation period. The result is a perfect and smooth surface of top quality.



The titable milling head which is available upon request can be adjusted from 0 to -10-+60, also glued parts like show cases etc. can be trimmed.

  MAC 2.1 MAC 3.1
Max length of workpiece in mm 2100 3100
Max thickness of workpiece in mm ap. 120 120
working height in mm ap. 960 960
Machine length in mm ap. 3400 4400
Machine width in mm ap. 1800 1800
Power connection ap. in KW 1,5 1,5
Air connection in bar ap. 6 6
Milling tool  in mm ap. 135 135
Weight 1600 2000



Stand: 26. Oktober 2007