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The linear heating machine Type MLH has been designed as a unit assembly system with which a straight-line, local heating of thermoplastic material is achieved without material contact. The entire machine, including the heating rails, is made of aluminium and thus will not corrode. The standart equipment of the machine includes a pneumatic opening and closing mechanism. Durable IR-quartz radiators are used for radiation heating. The radiator is located between two extra water cooled rails and can be adjusted in height by approx. 38mm. The width of the heating zone is also adjustable from 0 mm to approx. 60mm. This means that, depending on the width of the heating zone or material thickness, the space between the radiator and materials is always correct.

The rails are cooled by a water circulation system comprising a tank of 300 L capacity and a circulation pump. If more than two rails are to be cooled then we recommend a water tank with 500 L capacity. Automatic opening of the machine linked to a timing device is also available. Upon request a flashlight is also provided which signals the opening of the machine.


  MLH 2.1
length in mm ap.  2600
Width in mm ap. 1600
Closed height ap. 1250
KW/radiator 2,8
Air pressure ap. 6 bar
Heating length 2100 mm
It is also possible to use  heating radiators with  2500 or 3100 mm length.


Stand: 07. November 2007